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Storm Damage in Canoga Park: More than Just a Spring Shower

5/27/2021 (Permalink)

Umbrella in the rain When a storm hits home, call the professionals at SERVPRO. Our IICRC certified techs are ready for any size storm damaged job.

SERVPRO Is Standing By; Ready To Remediate Your Storm Damage

Storms can occur at any time of the year and any time of the day. Some are shorter than others but can still create damaging winds and rains. These winds do not always directly affect your home's exterior but can become so powerful that they topple trees and power lines. These tall objects can fall on your home or garage, creating damage in many different forms. 

In Canoga Park, storm damage can involve more than heavy rains that only lead to water damage. Shingles may be ripped off, siding and windows might become cracked, support beams in roofs may be damaged and broken, and storm doors can come unhinged when a house shifts because of the increased weight from a telephone or utility pole. A tree landing on your roof can also create the same situation. 

Fires Can Break Out Because of Storm Damage 

Although not as likely as poles, trees can also roll or slide, causing even more damage before they are removed. Professional crews should remove such items. The homeowner should never carry out this type of work. An additional threat of downed power and telephone poles is fire from the electricity in the lines. These lines do not pose only an electrical shock hazard but also one of fire. If a line is touching or coming into contact with your home, this creates a genuine fire risk. 

Clean-Up Should Begin Immediately – By Professionals Experienced in Catastrophic Damage 

Because of the tearing, your home's structures can suffer, and the types of exposed materials, our professionals should be called in to conduct the necessary work. We are highly trained and experienced in all phases and types of restoration work. We can bring your home back to its previous state, the one that you and your family previously enjoyed before the storm ripped through your neighborhood. From the first assessment to completing the work needed, our teams work together to ensure your home is quickly repaired. 

Available Any Time You Need Us 

Make a call to SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 to schedule an appointment with us. We'll have your storm damage under control fast and have your home in pre-storm condition, so you and your family do not have to spend any unnecessary nights away from home. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to take your call and get the job done fast.

Does SERVPRO Provide Inspection Walk-Throughs after Completing Flood Damage Repairs in Canoga Park?

4/25/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded basement with items floating everywhere Flooding can come from many directions. Fight back with a call to SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

SERVPRO’s Crews Complete Flood Damage Repair Touch-Ups After Inspections in Canoga Park

Canoga Park started as a Rancho and later as a wheat-growing farm in 1869. Later, the San Fernando Valley area was subdivided, creating 140 towns, including Owensworth in 1912, renamed Canoga Park in 1931. Canoga Park is considered part of Los Angeles and was annexed in 1917. Canoga Park has an approximate population of 43,000 people. Canoga Park is primarily a residential area with commutes to Burbank – 21.7 miles, Santa Monica – 21.7 miles, and Downtown LA – 28.4 miles.

Canoga Park is close to many attractions in surrounding cities and Los Angeles. Some of the attractions in the immediate area include:

  • Owensmouth Historical Society
  • Canoga Park Farmer’s Market
  • Malibu Hindu temple
  • Parthenia Park
  • Malibu Creek State Park
  • Wildwood Regional Park
  • Commons of Calabasas
  • Calabasas Country Club
  • California Museum of Art Thousands Oaks
  • Conejo Valley Botanical Garden
  • Chumash Indian Museum
  • Alma Sol Winery

Owensmouth Historical Society

The Owensmouth Historical Society collection portrays books, photographs, pamphlets, artifacts, documents, and the West San Fernando Valley history. The museum focuses on the area that was initially known as Owensmouth and later renamed Canoga Park.

Canoga Park Farmer’s Market

The Canoga Park Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday from 9 pm to 1 pm at 7247 Owensmouth Ave. Fresh fruit and vegetables, baked goods, and a variety of products are available.

Malibu Hindu Temple

The Malibu Hindu Temple is located at 1600 Las Virgenes Canyon Rd, Calabasas, and is one of the larger temples in the area. Located in nearby Calabasas, the temple is a great place to meditate, enjoy a picnic and attend various events throughout the year.

Malibu Creek State Park

Nearby, Malibu Creek State Park is only 11 miles from Canoga Park and is considered the crown jewel of state parks in the Santa Monica mountains. There are 8000 acres of dramatic peaks, oak savannahs, and rolling tallgrass plains. The park opened in 1976. The park area was used in many movies and television shows. Ride, hike, and climb through the park. There are guided hikes where you can experience the park at a novice level, as well as challenging hikes in rougher terrain. Activities in the park include:

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Rock Climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Camping
  • Bird watching

Wildwood Regional Park

Wildwood Regional Park is another park near Canoga Park where visitors can enjoy cycling, nature hikes, horseback riding, day camps, and interpretive programs. There are 14 trails to enjoy covering over 17 miles. There are benches along the trails and restrooms at the bottom of the canyon.

Flood Damage Repair Inspections in Canoga Park

After flooding causes damage to your home or business, everyone needs help to clear out the debris and the floodwaters that remain in your home. Many items must be discarded, some structural items (drywall, flooring, for example) may need to be removed before detailed water clean up and flood damage restoration can begin.

SERVPRO provides flood damage cleanup and restoration for Canoga Park and the surrounding area. Our objective is to restore your home or business, “Like it never even happened.” SERVPRO is committed to providing high-quality service and repairs. We schedule a final walkthrough with the customer to catch anything we might have missed during flood damage restoration.

  • The final walkthrough is scheduled just before project completion
  • we document all identified items
  • Most repairs are completed before our crew’s leave

Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills for flood damage services in Taunton and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (818) 998-1500.

Is There Flood Damage in Your Canoga Park Home?

3/21/2021 (Permalink)

puddles of water in a room that remain from flooding Floodwater can overwhelm your home and brings with it many contaminants. Contact our SERVPRO team for flood damage remediation services.

When You Need Rapid Flood Water Restoration Call SERVPRO

Water has been an important part of Canoga Park’s history since the Chumash-Venturaño and Tongva-Fernandeño tribes first lived in what is now the San Fernando Valley area. These early agricultural communities in the Simi Hills and along the Los Angeles River tributaries go back possibly as far as 8000 years.

Spanish and Mexican History

In the 18th and early 19th centuries, our area was part of the Spanish Mission San Fernando Rey de España or Mission San Fernando. After the end of the Mexican War of Independence (1810-1821), the valley was now declared part of the Rancho Ex-Mission San Fernando. In nearby Rancho El Escorpión, in 1845, a land grant was issued to Odón Eusebia, his brother-in-law Urbano, and Urbano's son Mañuel, all members of the Chumash tribe. This grant included a large swath west of what is now Fallbrook Avenue and would later be named Platt Ranch.

Mexican / American Conflict

The Eusebia land grant, along with many others after the Mexican/American War (1846-1848) were voided but left unchanged until the U.S. Civil War. In 1863, the San Fernando Homestead Association purchased the southern half of the San Fernando Valley. They divided it into seven massive ranch operations dedicated to growing wheat. In a short time, the Association was shipping wheat to Europe.

From Owensmouth to Canoga Park

In 1912, one of the many small communities in the southern San Fernando Valley officially incorporated as a larger town named Owensmouth. In 1913, the entire southern half, with a handful of exceptions, were subdivided in preparation for the completion of the first Los Angeles aqueduct system later that year. Three of the more well-known purchasers of land in the new subdivisions were:

  • Moses Sherman who built streetcar lines for the Los Angeles Pacific Railroad
  • Harrison Gray Otis, publisher of the Los Angeles Times
  • Harry Chandler, land developer and son-in-law of Harrison Gray Otis

It was Otis and Chandler who also created and developed the template for modern Los Angeles.

Despite its location to the new aqueduct system, Owensmouth had no independent source of water. After four years of trying to keep its independence, the community joined Los Angeles on February 26th, 1917. Fourteen years later, Owensmouth was renamed, Canoga Park. It continued to stay primarily agricultural but had locations for a movie studio and stunt work.

Flooding Dangers

The same environment that makes so much growth around Canoga Park also lends itself to flooding. Not a problem for most crops, but dangerous for multiple reasons when it comes to homeowners and residences due to the presence of contaminants such as soil, sewer waste, and more. Contaminants can:

  • Further, stain and discolor structural and personal property
  • Increase the type and number of malodors that permeate the home
  • Force the removal and disposal of items like carpets and carpet pads
  • Increase health risk to anyone working inside the home 

Contaminants also increase the number of labor hours, cleaning agents, and equipment needed to return each home to a clean, safe condition.

For a rapid response to flood damage, call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500. We are here for you 24/7. 

Is Preparation Necessary After Flood Damage?

2/23/2021 (Permalink)

Storm clouds It does rain in Southern California, and SERVPRO is available to handle any storm damage you may experience.

SERVPRO is Always Prepared to Handle Flooding Incidents in Canoga Park

When you find your property all murky and physically damaged by a flooding incident, you may want to start remedial processes immediately to salvage some valuables or make the property habitable. However, taking a moment to plan the restoration process can lead to a better outcome.

The preparation completed before embarking on flood damage restoration in Canoga Park properties touches on several aspects, including obtaining a sufficient supply of cleaning and decontamination products, finding the right equipment to handle various restoration tasks, and planning how to remove wastes from the loss site.

SERVPRO technicians are well trained in handling these issues when restoring flood-damaged properties. For instance, when we visit your property:

  • We set up a staging area within your property where we hold all the restoration equipment.
  • We inspect the loss site to determine the necessary types of cleaning, water extraction, and drying equipment.
  • We establish whether cleaning is sufficient or whether we need to remove some materials to manage contamination.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills delivers satisfactory results when restoring properties affected by flood damage. Call us at (818) 998-1500 to assist.

When Predictable California Weather Becomes Unpredictable in West Hills

12/18/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Technicians When you experience storm damage of any kind, you can rely on SERVPRO's skilled technicians to bring your property back from destruction.

Just How Vulnerable is West Hills to the Next Big Earthquake?

Whether from local West Hills news sources or nationwide ones, every so often, we hear about the potential for another "big one" that shakes our city, quite literally. These massive earthquakes follow a pattern, more or less, and experts say we may be overdue. But, for all the fearmongering, how much risk do these "megaquakes" really pose? The answer to that may be complicated.

First, we must consider the probability of such an earthquake happening any time soon. While a pattern does exist in the geologic record, it is far from perfect. Sometimes, massive quakes occur just decades apart, while it may take centuries in other portions of history. Like many cyclic weather disasters, these events are unpredictable in their timing, and it may be just as likely as not that nobody alive today will ever see such a quake happen in California.

If a particularly severe earthquake does strike West Hills, the destruction may not be as bad as we expect. Most California buildings are built to withstand the sort of deadly earthquake that could level a city in times past. The great earthquake of 1906 that destroyed most of San Francisco would only cause minor damage to most buildings there today. Virtually every building in West Hills has been built or retrofitted to strict modern safety standards, so it would take an earthquake of truly unprecedented intensity to punch a dent in our community.

Even still, astute homeowners would do well to keep their residences prepared for a potential quake. Keeping fragile items away from places they might fall, ensuring that hazardous materials stay far removed from living areas, and other common-sense precautions are vital when a big earthquake hits. The "big one" may not be likely to knock over your home, but it could knock over some things inside if you are not careful!

West Hills Could Get Snowfall This Season… Or Could It?

Any longtime West Hills resident knows how rare snowfall can be in our city. While the nearby mountains usually get a light dusting at least once per year, the inhabited parts of Los Angeles rarely see a single flake. Being just a bit further north and closer to the mountains than most of the metro area, West Hills has one of the best snowfall chances in any given season. Snow is still rare, however, and requires a few different factors to come together in unison.

One of the most important reasons why we see less snowfall than other inland regions is the ocean. While the Pacific Ocean keeps us cooler in the summer than other places in the country, it also retains heat throughout the winter, keeping temperatures at a relative constant throughout the year. While this makes for a wonderfully warm and mild Los Angeles area, it does make our weather a bit more bland than elsewhere.

Before any projection on snowfall, one must examine if the temperatures allow for it. While snow does not require below-freezing temperatures to reach the ground (since it may be below freezing at higher altitudes), more than a few degrees above 32F makes snow a practical impossibility. Some years, the weather may not get low enough at all, even without cloud cover and precipitation. However, in any given year, the months of November, December, January, and February each have a chance at getting temperatures this low in the pre-dawn hours.

Next, we must have rain. Or, in this case, snow. Under most conditions, any snowfall fails to stick around for long, especially if conditions warm up and rain begins to wash the ice away. However, snow days are not impossible in Los Angeles. Between 1932 and 1962, multiple snowstorms blanketed the area with multiple inches that stuck around for most of the day. In one instance, a 500-person snowball fight erupted, which eventually turned into a full-on riot with numerous arrests. Since then, snow in the area has been rare, but we did see a bit of it in 2019.

So, could we see any snow this season? It is certainly possible. Although accurate forecasts are challenging to make beyond a few weeks in advance, several meteorologists have predicted that late January may be a period of cold, wet conditions. If it gets cold and wet enough, we could potentially see multiple inches of snow. Keep your fingers crossed and your snow chains ready because, with enough luck, 2021 might be a snow year for West Hills.

Top Reasons to Buy Flood Damage Insurance for Your West Hills Home

One of the most unfortunate mistakes that we see our West Hills neighbors make is to refuse or forget to acquire flood insurance. Flooding can happen to any home at almost any time, and while it may be a rare threat, it is one of the most common types of damage we see that is not covered by insurance. Most homeowner's insurance policies fail to cover flood damage without an extra premium, and we strongly recommend paying this (small) premium.

Flood Damage Can Happen to Anyone

SERVPRO franchises nationwide receive emergency calls about flood damage year-round. Flooding comes most often from rainstorms and natural disasters but can also result from human-made issues such as a faulty septic tank or an overflowing drainage ditch. Even something as simple as a busted water line can cause thousands of dollars' worth of damage to your home.

Repairing Damages Can Get Expensive

Although SERVPRO specializes in mitigating damages and reducing costs, flood damage scenarios are often the most time and resource-intensive projects that we handle. While most of our fire restoration projects remain small and localized, our flood damage restorations rarely involve just one room in a home.

It Gets Worse Without Repairs

Uninsured homeowners often try to reverse the damages without assistance or even leave the problem without a solution, hoping it goes away. Flood damages get worse without proper attention and care, with the potential to damage critical structural elements such as support columns and the foundation of your home. Getting assistance from a professional damage restoration company is vital if you hope to avoid these complications.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills works with your insurance to get you the best flood damage restoration service possible in West Hills in as little time as possible. Call us at (818) 998-1500. 

Are Flood Damages Reversible for Residential Properties?

10/21/2020 (Permalink)

oriental rug and hardwood flooring Canoga Park Homeowners Know to Call SERVPRO for Flood Damage Mitigation--We Strive to Restore and Not Replace, Like this Photo!

SERVPRO Flood Damage Recovery Teams Can Return your Canoga Park Home to a Pre-loss Condition After Natural Disasters.

A large weather event can cause flooding of your Canoga Park home. While most flooding situations that we come across result from burst water pipes or broken appliances, natural disasters can also lead to floodwater intrusion for residents. When dealing with flood losses, the two crucial factors are the amount of water entering the building and that water source. Generally, storm-related losses involve hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons of water entering a property. In the case of flash flooding, this water may contain massive contamination, dangerous to human health. We recommend that you avoid contact with flooded areas of the property and contact a local restoration service like SERVPRO as soon as possible to reduce losses.

What are black water impacts, and how do they affect loss recovery after a natural disaster?

The impact of flood damage in your Canoga Park home is usually calculated based on the category of water contamination. Blackwater, which is also known as category three water, is unsanitary water. Floods may carry silt and debris into your home alongside human pathogens or chemicals like pesticides. The dangerous nature of blackwater makes it necessary to perform the replacement of porous materials in your home. These materials could include carpets, textiles, and light-weight parts of a structure's building assembly like drywall. Some expensive fabrics in the home may be restorable even after black water exposure using advanced cleaning equipment. However, cheaper materials are replaced to avoid disease or other contamination remaining in the house after a flood.

How are high-value rugs cleaned after black water exposure?

  • Mechanical cleaning takes place using an Esporta washing machine to remove up to 99% of contaminants.
  • The material is treated with a powerful biocide cleaning agent to remove any harmful bacteria or viruses.
  • An industrial hygienist, if required, inspects the clean, dry rug to confirm that it is safe to reuse

Are hard-woods non-salvageable after exposure to black water?

Often expensive, resilient materials such as hardwood are recoverable from high-level water exposure. The cost of replacing these materials and the working hours required to reconstruct parts of the home far outweighs the cost of restoring these pieces of structure. Hardwoods are frequently saveable because they can handle powerful cleaning agents, biocides, disinfectants, and bleaches. SERVPRO can often recover these materials through careful cleaning and drying- even during black water emergencies. We operate quickly to save floor finishes as well as building framing. The less time a semi-porous material is exposed to black water, the less damage it takes on. Working quickly to dry these items is critical to the mitigation of losses in your home.

What types of harm does water exposure cause to hardwood?

  • Warping or buckling occurs as wood expands from absorbing excessive quantities of moisture. You may see pressure at the joints, and, in some cases, buckling becomes permanent after drying.
  • Cupping creates a concave shape from wooden materials and results from water exposure from the sides or back. It is often possible to sand floorboards and remove cupping.
  • Crowning occurs when water exposure warps wood into a convex shape and creating an arch. Crowning can happen when drying efforts are too aggressive and typically cannot be sanded out.

How do water technicians control hardwood floor losses?

Monitoring is an essential technique when dealing with valuable materials like hardwood floors. The monitoring process uses equipment like thermal hygroscopes, moisture sensors, and probes to regularly assess solid materials' moisture content. Some losses can occur as a direct result of over-drying, such as crowning. To avoid these types of losses, SERVPRO technicians ensure that woods return to their natural moisture content of around 12% without letting the materials dry out too much. Restoring floors can take months, but with careful measurements and techniques, we can return them to a preloss condition, often by sanding and refinishing the damaged materials.

What happens to wood products like particleboard after water exposure?

  • Materials held together by glue can often be non-salvageable as water exposure wears away the adhesive causing the ply to fall apart.
  • To restore wood materials, the wettest point must be within 4% of its natural moisture content.
  • Delamination of wood products can lead to disintegration and usually require professional replacement.

Flooding can lead to vast amounts of water exposure in your home. This exposure can include harmful substances, which may require extensive disinfectant and replacement of affected materials. Contact SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500.

What Can I Do to Restore My West Hills Home After Storm Flooding?

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

A neighborhood with standing water in the road. Seasonal flooding can come in quick, let SERVPRO take over.

Bring In SERVPRO to Restore Your West Hills Home 

How Much of a Risk Is Flooding to My Residence? 

Located so close to the shore, the chance of flood damage to West Hills homes is a given every year from seasonal storms. Each SERVPRO Response Team trains to eliminate the effects of flooding by not only removing water, and drying the structure and property inside the home, but also dealing with the special problems presented by it. 

Why Is Flood Water More Damaging Than Water from My Clothes Washer? 

Floodwater from a storm contains a bit of debris from every surface it crossed before flooding into your West Hills home. That means soil, fertilizers, trash from the gutters, and possibly sewer backup as well. In addition to all of the contaminants and debris, ocean water is extremely salty. If left long enough, the salt can pit and ruin everything from your kitchen linoleum to the car in your garage. 

To eliminate these effects, Response Teams use cleaning agents that do more than remove soil and other solid particles. They also contain an anti-bacterial agent that neutralizes the health risk from possible pathogens in some of the debris and stops the growth of mold in the home. For autos and other items outside the home, team members have the option to spray clean water to remove salt residues before using any cleaners. 

Are There Any Special Requirements For Drying After Flooding?

No, once our SERVPRO specialists complete the necessary steps for cleaning your property, drying methods are the same for a home regardless of the water source. Team members use a combination of dehumidifiers, fans, and air movers to lower the interior moisture, force damp air outside, and draw water out of property surfaces. 

To schedule a service visit or find out more about how SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills can help you recover after a flood, call us at (818) 998-1500 today. 

To learn more about West Hills, click here.

How Can I Save My West Hills Structure After a Flood?

6/11/2020 (Permalink)

Rain falling on a rooftop. A storm can cause more damage than you realize, call SERVPRO for assistance with your storm damage.

For Professional Assistance After You Suffer From Flood Damage in West Hills Call SERVPRO

After a thunderstorm strikes your West Hills neighborhood and you see significant rainfall, there is a good chance moisture can get into your house through your lower door seals or from groundwater rising. H2O entering your building can cause you several issues with your structure.

How does moisture negatively affect the structure of my house?

If you ever suffer from flood damage in West Hills, our SERVPRO technicians can help reduce the effects of moisture on your structural components. H2O can cause your structural components, building materials, and your possessions to lose integrity if they get saturated. Elevated moisture contents within organic materials like paper or wood can also cause mold growth. Since fungi can cause health effects, we always try to remove all of the moisture inside your building within a 24-hour period to inhibit fungal contamination. 

What items need to get removed after they get wet?

  • Insulation- Whenever the insulation that sits inside your walls and ceilings to keep your house warm retains water, the R-value of the material or its ability to hold in heat reduces. In most cases, it is much more cost-effective to remove and replace insulation than it is to try to save it. However, fiberglass insulation can be dried out in certain scenarios.
  • Drywall: The sheetrock that makes up your walls can lose its structural integrity when it retains moisture and can get ruined. Since water follows gravity, it is usually the lower part of your drywall that gets damaged.  If only the bottom sections of your drywall get saturated, then we can perform flood cuts, which means that we can remove your drywall a foot or two from your floor.

Flooding conditions can cause the building materials that make up your structure to weaken when they soak up moisture. If you ever think any of your structural components got wet, call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500.

What Qualifications Should I Look for When Hiring Flood Restoration Services?

5/19/2020 (Permalink)

flood in kitchen Do you have a flood in your Canoga home? Call SERVPRO to mitigate your water filled domain.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certifications (IICRC) is a Nationally Recognized Body for Restoration Standard setting. IICRC Accreditation Supports a Responsible, Honest Restoration Service for Companies in the West Hills Area.

How long does it take for the restorer to visit my property after arranging a service?

Reporting flood damage in your West Hills home is known as notification of loss. Notification of loss is essential to start restoration proceedings, and, until provided, there is a chance that the situation may become increasingly severe and time-consuming to restore. Once we receive the notification of loss, we can begin to put together the equipment, technicians, and crew chiefs that we need to recover flood losses at your home. We understand that quick call-out times are essential to reducing the amount of damage that a flood causes. SERVPRO promises to arrive at your property within four hours of notification of loss to begin emergency mitigation and services. At times, this may not be possible.

What can I do to secure a flooded property before technicians arrive?

  • Prioritize personal safety above trying to prevent losses at all times
  • Shut off power to the property thoroughly. Power can lead to fusing, electrical fires or circuit breaks
  • Avoid using the plumbing system altogether. Shut and seal doors to rooms with open sewer points like kitchens, shower rooms, and bathrooms
  • Gather essential items should you need to relocate from the property temporarily. These items could include identification documents, driving licenses, medicines or insurance paperwork
  • Avoid close contact with floodwaters, which can contain high levels of contamination. Be aware that sewer gases, bacteria, and viruses can be present in floodwaters and are harmful to ingest or inhale.

How can I deal with building materials after contaminated water intrusion?

Blackwater intrusion can spread throughout your home, affecting carpets, walls, as well as furniture. In most situations, the restoration requirement is to remove any materials that make direct contact with the water. This can include the lower parts of the walls, including the baseboard. We may need to detach carpets and discard them as well as performing substantial disinfecting of the floor and subfloor. When we perform the invasive restoration, which involves removing building material, we document it in digital inventories to pass onto your insurer. However, we always try to salvage contents and building materials whenever possible.

How can I remove and dispose of building materials properly?

- Wear correct personal protective equipment including respiration masks to avoid ingesting dust or gases

- Inspect building materials for signs of cross-contamination. Items in direct contact with water are contaminated.

- Isolate sections of the building material and remove them up to two feet above the last water contact point

- Place contaminated materials into double sealable polyethylene waste bags

- Remove the offending items from the property.

- Pack the items onto a transport and dispose of them at a waste facility

Is the reinstallation of building materials covered within the cost of my claim?

Your insurer should cover the cost of your restoration from start to finish. Most policies stipulate that homeowners need to take adequate precautions to mitigate harm. However, in the case of a blackwater flooding situation, it is unlikely that the reinstallation of building materials is not included in your claim. SERVPRO water restoration technicians can begin to reinstall drywall, sheetrock, insulation, and other materials once dry out procedure is complete. We are not an insurance company and can only comments that may help your claims process.

Can I turn off drying equipment or open windows in the area where they are set up?

Ensuring that the drying process is efficient means controlling as many variables as possible. SERVPRO technicians may decide that the quickest method of drying an area is by using a closed system. Closed-system drying involves sealing a space from outdoor air and using dehumidification equipment to remove moisture from the environment. A closed-system drying process can take several days before we can remove equipment. By opening windows or shutting off equipment, you are slowing down the drying process and bringing in unknown variables that could lengthen the restoration. SERVPRO technicians return to a property regularly to measure drying effectiveness and ensure your property gets back to its preloss condition as quickly as possible.

Is your drying equipment going to increase my electricity bill?

Drying a property can help to limit secondary damages like mold growth. However, drying does take time, and in many cases, we may have to leave it overnight. We are always investing in eco-efficient drying equipment that does not use more power than necessary. However, we do need to use your mains electricity to power the equipment over several days. Some insurance providers do include this cost in your claim. SERVPRO calculates the electricity used during drying and can pass on the estimated cost of electricity to your insurer at your request.

Recovering a property from floodwater intrusion can be complicated and frustrating. Contact SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for a professional solution.

Will My Flood Damaged Home Ever Get Back to Normal?

4/22/2020 (Permalink)

carpet removal from concrete floor SERVPRO is removing the contaminated carpets from the storm damage

SERVPRO Helps Canoga Park Residents Restore their Homes with Professional Flood Extraction Techniques

Groundwater flooding can wreak havoc in your Canoga home , including your interior should the water infiltrate. Standing water puts a great deal of pressure on your walls, but there is also the potential of contamination. This is why it is essential to call in the help of trained professionals. We have the skills and all of the latest advancements in technology to restore your home to preloss condition.

What Can You Do to Help Lessen Flood Damage to My Home?

Once you call us at SERVPRO to help with your flood extraction in Canoga Park, we send out a team to get started. We begin by evaluating your home to help determine the level of destruction, which allows us to come up with a viable plan for drying all impacted areas. With one phone call, you can expect:

• A rapid response
• A written estimate that is always fair, fast, and accurate
IICRC-certified professionals ready to get to work on your extraction and restoration
• High-quality restoration work that brings your home back to pre-flood loss condition

What are Pack Out Services?

In certain water damage and flooding situations, it is best to store the contents of your home away from your property while extraction and restoration go on. Separate storage is often helpful to mitigate against the potential for further loss as our team works to restore your interior and the structure of your home. Our technicians take a detailed inventory of all of your possessions, including their condition as well as the rooms where they belong. What this does is ensure you are covered should there be any damages in transit.

Can I Save My Carpets?

Wet carpeting from floodwater can pose a potential health hazard due to the contaminants within. Our team knows how to determine whether or not your carpet can be cleaned and dried or if it should be replaced. In the majority of flood situations, the wet carpet and padding below must be removed, and the subfloor needs special attention to dry thoroughly. Once the carpet is saturated, it often loses backing, becomes delaminated, and becomes a prime source for foul, musty odors. This removal allows us to dry the wooden materials and prevent fungal growth from developing.

What Happens After Extraction Is Complete?

Once the water is removed from your home, our trained technicians strategically place high-powered drying equipment to maximize results. Some of the drying equipment we use for water loss events include:

• Industrial strength axial fans
• Air movers
• Dehumidifiers

These tools listed are excellent for maintaining airflow for optimal drying of your walls, flooring, furnishings, and other areas.

If the water has infiltrated behind walls and baseboards, we employ the use of structural drying equipment. This equipment helps us to force air in and out of wall cavities, as well as other areas that are hard to reach. This equipment has the high-pressure capability to overcome air delivery system restrictions for spaces that are tight, and moisture often gets trapped. We also have several attachments available that allow us to manipulate, filter, and redirect the air.

Will There Be a Damp, Musty Smell After Restoration is Complete?

Our team does everything possible to eliminate the potential for odor development after flood extraction is complete. In any case that calls for deodorization, we may use different tools to help, including:

• Air filtration devices (AFD)
• Air scrubbers
• Thermal fogging, and more

These tools are necessary to not only eliminate odors but to also improve the air quality throughout your home. AFDs work to control air contaminants and are most effective with a layering of the filters. Primary filter layers grab large debris and particles. The secondary layer, like our Odor-Cleanz filter, has a high capture rate. For the final layer, there is a HEPA filter that has the power to remove roughly 99.97% of the contaminants and particles from the air.

Why Do I Need Professional Flood Restoration Services?

A flood situation can leave behind immense devastation that traditional DIY methods cannot touch. Hiring trained and IICRC-certified technicians get you the prompt service and tried-and-true methods necessary to not only restore your interior but also to ensure your structure is sound. SERVPRO works to remove water quickly to minimize loss, but we also ensure that your building foundation is not left to degrade and use measures to inhibit mold growth.

When working on any category three water loss, which includes muddy floodwaters, our technicians go the extra mile to ensure no harmful contaminants of bacteria overtake your home. Porous materials are appropriately disposed of, and all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Everything is sanitized before getting the seal of approval from our crew chief for you to resume life as usual.

Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park/West Hills at (818) 998-1500 when you need us for professional flood extraction. We are available 24/7 for fire and water cleanup and restoration when you need it.

Our Team Arrives Quickly In Canoga Park After A Flood

2/26/2020 (Permalink)

Our desiccant dehumidifier in a parking lot We provide the state of the art equipment needed such as this desiccant dehumidifier shown in the photo. Call us right away to prevent further damage.

Flood Damage in Canoga Park Garage and Kitchen

One of the most common causes of flash floods that result in flood damage to properties in the local area happens due to periods of drought. When the ground becomes hardened from lack of rain, it doesn't readily absorb moisture, and the rainwater tends to run off.

A homeowner in Canoga Park with flood damage had almost an inch of water on the floor in their kitchen. The water entered the attached garage and came into the home. When this happened, the first call was to SERVPRO for extraction and drying.

Scoping for Water Migration

SERVPRO technicians inspect the property to determine all areas of water loss. Floodwater wicks into sheetrock quickly and commonly needs controlled demolition to limit the damage to the structure. Fortunately for the homeowner, the seal on the grout on the kitchen floor tiles did not allow any seepage of the water. The baseboards and the lower portion of the sheetrock around the room got removed for drying.

Thorough Extraction Lessens Drying Time

The techs use multiple pumps to remove the remaining water rapidly. It is standard for the techs to do several "dry" passes to ensure they remove the highest amount of moisture before moving on to the drying phase.

Complete Drying Lessens Loss

When water gets left behind within walls or other areas after a flood damage loss in a home, there is the potential for serious issues such as damaged building materials, mold growth, and pungent odors. The technicians set drying goals and monitor the process carefully to ensure the area with water damage hits preset ambient humidity levels. The use of specific equipment to drive air within wall cavities and over the flooring to ensure embedded moisture gets pushed to the surface and removed by the dehumidification equipment.

Cleaning After Drying is Essential

Once the kitchen is dry, SERVPRO techs wipe down all surfaces with their professional antimicrobial and antibacterial cleaners to ensure the loss area is left sanitized for reuse.

When flood damage is the problem, call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills (818) 998-1500. Their certified techs have both the experience and equipment to make the water loss to the property, "Like it never even happened."

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Limiting the Damages Left in a Property after Flood Damage Incidents in West Hills.

12/28/2019 (Permalink)

A street in a neighborhood with standing water. SERVPRO your West Hills flood damage can be even more than what the eyes can see. Let us help you limit the issues.

West Hills flood damage can leave behind so many problems in your home.

Flooding incidents can cause widespread damages to property. In extreme circumstances, there is no option but to tear down the entire property or move to a different area. Luckily, most flooding incidents are manageable. Some steps can help limit damages, especially when you take them early, or involve a professional like SERVPRO to help.

Contact with water is the major contributor to flood damage loss in West Hills. Taking actions that limit such contact for contents and building materials, helps reduce damages. Each case of flooding differs, so actions taken are unique for each situation. Our SERVPRO crews are trained to perform different processes, including content move-outs and protection or fast extraction of floodwaters.

The approach used to perform a task aimed at saving your property from flood damage matters. The main factors to consider are speed and efficiency. For instance, our SERVPRO crews expedite the process using a variety of extraction tools, including:

  • Truck-mounted Water Extractors
  • Submersible Pumps
  • High-Pressure Pumps
  • Self-Priming Trash Pumps

We also incorporate some aspects of demolition where necessary to release the water trapped in cavities within the house. Such demolition can involve cutting flood cuts opening up entire wall sections, or making vents or weep holes on specific areas, speeding up the water removal process.

In case the restoration starts after the water recedes from the house, kick-starting moisture control procedures immediately is essential to prevent secondary problems such as mold development and bad odor. Mold starts developing within 24 to 48 hours or any organic surface. Our SERVPRO crews expedite drying by boosting air movement with air movers. Dehumidifiers also help extract moisture from the air.

Another issue that plagues properties after flooding is contamination, which can pose health issues long after the incident. We clean surfaces with disinfectants and antimicrobial agents. We also perform controlled teardown to remove porous materials such as drywall, insulation, carpets, and pad, eliminating any chances of contaminants remaining in the property.

Saving property affected by flooding is a tricky process. Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 to help address any problems from the incident, "Like it never even happened."

To learn more about West Hills, click here

We Follow The Proper Steps To Ensure West Hills Flood Damage Is Restored Efficiently

9/18/2019 (Permalink)

a desiccant dehumidifier on a truck outside a home SERVPRO can provide the equipment needed such as the desiccant dehumidifier shown to restore your home after flood damage.

Flood Damage West Hills – Water Pipe Fitting Gives Way

Flood damage often comes from storms; however, broken water pipes can also flood homes or business offices as well. As pipe joints age and foundations shift, leaks can develop inside walls and go undetected until water is flooding an entire floor. Carpeting, underpad, walls, and even the subfloor can absorb moisture requiring removal and restoration.

SERVPRO can respond to flood damage in West Hills and surrounding areas immediately. Our first step is to mitigate the leak. The main water supply is shut off, and we confirm that it is safe from electrical hazards to enter the premises. Our crew chief can assess the damage and arrange for water removal equipment to be delivered. Furniture and contents are removed, dried and placed in a staging area while work on your home or office is completed.

Replacement of Carpet and Under pad

In some situations, the carpet and underpad must be replaced. The carpet is replaced if it separates from the backing. The underpad is usually replaced as well to ensure that the subfloor is entirely dry before new carpeting and under padding is installed.

Otherwise, SERVPRO can use a weighted water extractor to remove as much moisture as possible. One of our technicians rides on the extractor to enhance the efficiency of the extractor. Air movers and dehumidifiers are brought in to dry the carpet and the underpad completely. The air movers blow dry air in the direction of the dehumidifier over the damp carpet.

Flood Cuts

The wall may be removed up to a foot or two above the floor to remove damp or wet drywall after flood damage. Wet insulation and wall structures are exposed where water was pouring out of the broken pipe. SERVPRO checks and fully dries all areas that may have been exposed to avoid future problems with mold and odors.

Once the walls are dry, restoration contractors can begin. They can install new insulation, drywall, underpad and carpeting to bring your home back to its original condition, "Like it never even happened."

Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for 24/7 service. We serve the towns of Winnetka, Bell Canyon, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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A Storm Can Damage Your Canoga Park Home

8/3/2019 (Permalink)

We're here every day of the week, including weekends and holidays and ready to provide you with professional, skilled specialists.

Wind, Rain, And A Blown-Over Tree Can Leave Your Home Soaked In Canoga Park

Storms do not need to last very long to cause substantial, costly damage to a house in Canoga Park. They only need to carry enough force to uproot a tree with weakened roots to generate severe harm to your property. SERVPRO understands that top-down damage can leave your home saturated in hidden areas while leaving puddles all over your floor. Some of the collected water can hold contamination from stained wood, insulation, and other substances located between the roof and the floor.

A roof torn by a toppled tree can leave your Canoga Park home with storm damage, including rainwater, debris from the tree, and other items blown in on the wind. We can help get the situation resolved quickly for you and your family.

A tree landing on your house can also cause damage to plumbing, electrical wiring, and your HVAC system. Our building services team works with us in these areas, helping restore houses and businesses for our community. To help our mitigation specialists work more efficiently, we can also secure the roof, initially with tarps, followed by repairs. SERVPRO can also help remove the offending tree and make the area safe again.

Because rainwater spreading through your residence increases the amount of water vapor in the air, we must reduce the relative humidity by increasing the temperature. This prevents moisture from condensing on surfaces, keeping it in the air. Using air movers, we push this damp air out of your house. Dehumidifiers also help protect your belongings, so we place a few of these in areas with higher amounts of dampness.

When we examine the interior of your walls and ceilings, we often find trapped water in these places. Overhead, we can usually use the hole from a light fixture to inset flexible tubing to extract this water. Shortly after, we can use the same set-up to force warm air into the space.

We use a very similar method for walls, except we often must drill small holes along the bottom, near the floor. We choose locations with a baseboard we can remove, if at all possible, so covering the holes is as simple as replacing the baseboard. If a property owner with such a situation calls us immediately, we can often keep walls and other materials from showing more severe effects of storm damage. Saving materials with a rapid response to a disaster significantly reduces the costs associated with restoration.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills is always ready to take calls from those in Winnetka and Bell Canyon. When storms bring flooding and other types of damage to your doorstep, call us at our 24-hour services line, (818) 998-1500. We're here every day of the week, including weekends and holidays and ready to provide you with professional, skilled specialists.

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Flood Damage West Hills – Leaking Roof

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

Let us cover your water loss, from roof damage.

SERVPRO can get you covered.

Southern California is a great place to live with lots of sunshine and great weather. But every so often a storm rolls in with lots of wind and rain. A roof may be damaged by high winds or debris and then it rains! Water pours into your home causing a great deal of damage to your ceiling, walls, floors and all of your contents. In many cases the flood damage is limited to one room for a leaky roof. However, a flash flood can cause catastrophic damage to your home. 

Regardless of the type of damage, SERVPRO can respond to your flood damage in West Hills quickly providing emergency restoration services for your home. Once the situation is stabilized, our team completes a full assessment. We begin mitigation activities immediately to manage and control further damage. 

Our team is certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Other certifications include ASD (Applied Structural Drying Technician) and RRRP - Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation. We often find that after major flood damage we need to restore homes that have used lead-based paints. This occurs often with older structures. 

Depending on the situation, tarps may be needed to cover areas of the roof that have been damaged and are leaking. Broken windows and doors are boarded up to prevent further damage from wind and rain. Once the situation is under control, water removal, de-humidification and drying takes place. 

Working closely with your insurance provider our SERVPRO team begins restoration of your home. Your home may also need our cleaning services in a flood situation. We clean your carpets, floors, fabrics and soft materials. We dry and recover as many of your keepsakes and mementos as possible. We clean all hard surfaces as well. Our objective is to restore your house so that if feels like home again. 

We are strategically located to respond quickly to your flood damaging event. Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for 24/7 service. We also serve Winnetka and Bell Canyon. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. 

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Canoga Park Homes Benefit from SERVPRO's Rapid Floodwater Removal and Drying

6/4/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Extracts Floodwaters and Cleans Up the Mess in Canoga Park

SERVPRO Cleans Up Post-Drought Flood Damage in Canoga Park

After the long period of drought in this part of California, the long-awaited rains, unfortunately, have the potential to bring flood damage. The firm, dry ground is unable to absorb the rainwater adequately, and it can intrude into homes quickly.

SERVPRO received a call to mitigate flood damage to a Canoga Park home. Groundwater is a category three biohazard also known as “blackwater” and requires specialized equipment and cleaners to bring affected areas to sanitary standards for habitation.
Even though our technicians arrived a short time after the initial call, there was very little standing water left in the kitchen area where the intrusion happened. Our technicians wore protective clothing and scoped the room to determine areas where water migrated.

Water extraction efforts began almost immediately. We used portable pumps and made several passes to pull up as much moisture as possible from the surface of the floor. We found areas of excessive moisture behind the baseboards, which were removed to allow adequate air flow for drying. Thermal imaging showed water wicked into the sheetrock of a single wall. We used a technique known as “flood cuts” that is a form of controlled demolition that removes only the damaged sheetrock and leaves the framework for rebuilding upon.

Mold is a significant concern after water damage as the spores can set up home within 48-hours after a water intrusion. During the drying process of our remediation, SERVPRO technicians set drying goals in the humidity range that is below optimal conditions for mold growth, usually around 40%. We lower the humidity quickly using our dehumidifiers in tandem with air movers.

This setup works well because as the air movers cause water vapor to rise, the dehumidifiers capture and port it away from the area resulting in progressively drier air flowing into the room which speeds the overall drying process. Once the area confirms dry, and the room attains preset drying goals, we clean and disinfect all affected surfaces to leave the area both sanitized and hygienic.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills is available at (818) 998-1500 24-hours a day to help homeowners overcome flood damage and get their lives back to normal. Whether the water damage is a little or a lot, with our equipment and experience, we can make it “Like it never even happened.”

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Canoga Park, Flooding, SERVPRO, a Great Cleanup!!

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says Don't Delay Getting Water Damage Cleanup in Your Canoga Park Home--It Just Gets Worse and More Costly

Mitigating Groundwater Flood Damage in a Canoga Park Home

With the coming of spring, California's rainy season is drawing to a close until fall, but unexpected storms and rising water levels from Bell Creek or the Los Angeles River can give homeowners quite the headache when they find their floors flooded with groundwater.
If you come home from work to find groundwater flood damage in your Canoga Park home, certified SERVPRO technicians are ready to respond to your emergency, extricate the water, and restore your home to its pre-flood condition to prevent structural damage and mold proliferation. "Like it never even happened."
While floodwater does not often need extraction by the time your SERVPRO team arrives, that does not mean the water has left your home entirely. Instead, porous surfaces such as carpet, wood, and drywall have absorbed groundwater. Groundwater flooding is referred to as black water, as the chances of contamination from materials such as sewage are high. With a homeowner's permission, our professionals can move right to moving and blocking intact furniture as well as removing ruined furniture to prevent further damage to your possessions.
Moisture sensors are used to evaluate the moisture wicking by sheetrock or drywall. Because the absorption properties of these materials work against gravity, our team makes flood cuts six inches above the highest reaches of moisture accumulation to facilitate drying and mold prevention. Industrial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers are positioned and utilized in tandem to pull moisture out of walls and flooring while dry air soaks up this moisture like a sponge. Antimicrobial cleaners are also used to cleanse surfaces after drying to ensure extra protection against mold, fungus, and other contaminants from Black Water.
Flooding with contaminated water can also fill your home with unpleasant odors, and our technicians can use ULV wet foggers to release a dense mist with agents that bind to odor-causing particles to make them cleanable after falling onto surfaces.
SERVPRO of Canoga Park/West Hills is ready to serve the area 24/7. If you have a disaster that needs professional cleanup and mitigation, give us a call today at (818) 998-1500.

The Canoga Park Neighborhood Council is here.

You Need The Experts At SERVPRO When Your Canoga Park Home Experiences A Flood Damage Disaster!

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

Give us a call as soon as possible so we can come to your home and restore it back to how it was before the storm.

Flood Damage Restoration For Your Canoga Park Home

Whether it is heavy rainstorms or a flash flood, when massive amounts of water hit your property in Canoga Park all at once, the resulting problem can be quite severe. It's not possible to be prepared for every situation which can cause havoc to your home, but it is always good to have a plan for what to do if it happens to you. Everyone can be at risk for flooding, but if you live in a flood zone, you should be prepared.

The two most crucial things you can do to prepare for a flood and flood damage to your Canoga Park home is to have enough flood insurance and know whom to call after a flood. SERVPRO’s staff is IICRC trained and certified, and we are always available to help you, so do not hesitate to contact us as soon as the storms are over.

Once we have arrived and assessed the damage to your home, our first goal is to extract as much standing water as possible. In a flooding situation where the water is more than two inches deep, a submersible pump with enough volume capacity and lift capability is used. We do not use the pup if the water is contaminated with solid materials, however. The water is pumped directly into a treated sewer, such as a toilet. We do not dispose of cleaning wastes through the toilet if there is a septic system.

Extractors can be used in cleaning upholstery and carpet and removing water from floors. These devices usually have three main components – a pump, heater, and vacuum system. Extractors can be portable or truck mounted. It is easier for us to use the portable extractor to take into your structure and get into restricted areas. The truck-mounted extractors have the same components but are more powerful and have their own power sources. They are designed to be efficient for restorative cleaning and water removal.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills is the wise choice when you need help drying your home in Bell Canyon, Winnetka, or West Hills after flooding. Give us a call at (818) 998-1500 as soon as possible so we can come to your home and restore it back to how it was before the storm.

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Storms Can Spell Trouble For Your Canoga Park Home!

11/12/2018 (Permalink)

When you find flood damage inside of your home, it is essential to call for professional remediation services as soon as you possibly can.

Seasonal Storms And An Old Roof Can Lead To Flood Damage Inside Your Canoga Park Home

It's essential to pay attention to the condition of your roof before heading into the stormy season, and eventually winter, as a weak roof can lead to flood damage inside of your home. However, accidents can happen and life can get busy. The last thing you expected to find when returning home after a long day of work was a living room filled with large puddles of water that leaked into your home from the roof above during the rainy day. Despite how overwhelming this situation can be, it is comforting to know that professional help can be contacted nearby to assist in the situation.

When you find flood damage inside of your Canoga Park home, it is essential to call for professional remediation services as soon as you possibly can. The longer the standing water is inside your home, the more time it has to sink into your floorboards and cause water damage to the structure of your home. Leaving it even longer can eventually lead to complications such as mold damage. The sooner that you get professionals into your home, the more likely it is that the water can be cleaned up with ease and the remediation can be successful.

When SERVPRO is called to your home, we always aim to show up as quickly as we can so our technicians can get to work right away. We pride ourselves on being Faster to Any Size Disaster. Once our crew arrives at the job site, our SERVPRO techs can unload our equipment and begin addressing the standing water in your home right away.

Our technicians can use tools such as wet/dry vacuums and extractors to remove the excess water from your living room floors. Afterward, SERVPRO can use moisture meters and thermal imaging technology to look for pockets of moisture and pinpoint where to use our drying technology around your walls. Once we set up our air movers and dehumidifiers, the moisture in the walls can begin to dry. After the moisture levels of your home are returned to their pre-flooded state, our job is finished, and you can enjoy your flood damage free home once more.

Should you ever find flood damage in your home, it is imperative for you to seek out help right away. Make a call to SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills by dialing (818) 998-1500. Day or night, we're open to assist you.

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The Complete Guide To Flood Damage In Canoga Park For 2018

9/21/2018 (Permalink)

It is hard to anticipate the damages likely to occur if your Canoga Park home floods because each flooding case is unique.

Essential Tips To Help You Deal With The Effects Of Flood Damage In Canoga Park

It is hard to anticipate the damages likely to occur if your Canoga Park home floods because each flooding case is unique. Factors like the level of water, how long the standing water remains in the property, and the kind of contaminants present in the water affect the level of damage you have to address. Understanding the impact of flooding incidents before they happen can help you take the right mitigation steps.

One thing that amplifies the effects of flood damage in Canoga Park is the presence of contaminants in the water. Floodwaters usually disrupt waste disposal systems, carrying some of the toxic wastes with them wherever they flow. These toxins are deposited in any porous materials so even if you were to dry them, the contaminants remain, therefore, posing other risks to you. Apart from affecting the contents of your house, floodwaters also deposit mud or silt which also have these contaminants and therefore require the right removal procedures. Our SERVPRO technicians can help you remove the carpet, pad and even upholstered furniture in the affected areas easily. We also handle any waste deposited in the house safely.

It is not easy to associate fire risk with flooding, but failure to take proper precautions could lead to situations where you have to deal with both water and fire damages. When electrical appliances are exposed to water, short circuits can happen which lead to fires if the appliance is turned on. Our SERVPRO team has the necessary tools including vacuum cleaners, so you do not have to use yours before the restoration is completed.

Some cases of flooding might cause structural damages to the property. Common problems include severe wood rot, distortions such as warping of floorboards and termite damage because wet wood is very enticing to the termites. Most of these damages occur if the water remains in your property for extended periods. Our SERVPRO team helps by removing the water fast. We also do a thorough inspection once restoration is done to ensure none of these structural problems remain hidden.

Since it is not possible to avoid floods, you should call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills to help restore your property. You can reach us at (818) 998-1500 any time of the day.

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Restoring Flood Damaged Property in Canoga Park

8/26/2018 (Permalink)

When facing flooding in your home, contact SERVPRO for drying out and remediation services. Call right away for the most effective results.

SERVPRO Technicians Help Determine What can be Restored and What to Replace After a Flood

Cleaning up after a flood is not a routine concern for Canoga Park residents. Sudden storms do happen every year though and a flash flood after one of them can cause a lot of damage, forcing homeowners and residents to decide what is worth saving and what requires disposal, regardless of the personal value.
Determining the cost of flood damage in Canoga Park to personal property is not something most residents can familiarize themselves within a few hours or days. This is why it is important to bring in our specialists here at SERVPRO. We help you determine what property can be restored at a reasonable cost and what is either too expensive or too damaged to repair and should be removed for disposal.
Our restoration teams make these determinations based on the amount of labor hours and the materials needed to restore personal property. Here, we use clothing as an example. Even in a flood, where the water is contaminated, most cotton clothing can be cleaned with the right detergent from our cleaning chemical inventory and using a commercial clothes washer with temperature control.
For specialty items like leather coats and skirts, or fine wool garments, those may require multiple cleanings with a professional dry cleaning company. If the dry cleaner decides that he cannot return the garment to a wearable condition, our team leader recommends disposing and replacing this item.
SERVPRO specialists also help you with your flood insurance. In each policy, there are items that the agency would rather replace than attempt to try and restore. With our experience in dealing with most major insurance carriers, specialists can help you immediately take care of these items, and then concentrate on items still covered for restoration.
At SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills, our goal is to help you return your home, property, and life back to their pre-flood condition as quickly as possible. When you need our services, or if you are still dealing with damage from the last flood, call us today at (818) 998-1500 for professional, restoration assistance.

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SERVPRO Offers Flood Damage Restoration In Canoga Park

7/9/2018 (Permalink)

Stormwater Removal for Canoga Park? Just Call SERVPRO

Canoga Park Storm Harm Is Mitigated with Fast Water Removal

Floods are a common occurrence in Canoga Park during the spring and summer months, which can make many homeowners nervous. Luckily, there are skilled and trained professionals nearby that can restore your home in the event of heavy rains or a rainstorm. Excess water in your residence can cause significant damage to the structure, which can make your property unsafe.

Our SERVPRO flood damage team in Canoga Park can handle the job. We are just a phone call away. Contacting us may help reduce damage to your residence and may help save many of your personal belongings such as your clothing, electronics, and widescreen televisions. Our techs may also be able to salvage the majority of your furniture and other items in the home.
You can depend on our crew to arrive at your residence promptly and to begin assessing the damage right away. Quickly removing the water from the affected areas is our priority during the restoration phase. The team may use several pieces of industrial equipment to eliminate water from the structure such as extractors, pumps, and vacuums. Extracting all moisture is vital because mold can grow. It is essential to prevent mold growth because it can cause health effects.
Once our expert SERVPRO team removes all standing water, the drying process begins. Typically, drying involves the use of air movers, axial fans, and dehumidification equipment. The effectiveness of this top-grade equipment helps speed up the drying stage and helps remove water from the affected areas quickly. The team may also use probes and moisture meters to check for hidden moisture under the flooring and inside the walls and baseboards. Also, our techs may use large drying mats to absorb moisture from the floors and carpet.
Floods can be stressful for homeowners to cope with in this region, which is why contacting trusted and experienced professionals can help relieve the tension. Our SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills flood damage restoration can give you peace of mind. We are here to assist you. Call us anytime at (818) 998-1500.

Here is the Canoga Park Neighborhood Council

The Right Restoration Team For Your Canoga Park Flood Damage

5/17/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is always ready to help you overcome the widespread damage that flooding can often present.

The Right Restoration Team For Your Flood Damage

Homeowners in Canoga Park seemingly always have a natural disaster to keep in the back of their mind that could threaten the structural integrity or stability of their homes. As stressful as this might seem, many homes get prepared structurally for these occurrences as much as possible, though some (like flooding) can only show you the vulnerable areas of your house once the damage has found its way inside already.

While many homeowners are not ready for the flood damage that could threaten their Canoga Park homes, having the right team of professional restorers can help you to overcome any disaster that your home could potentially face. SERVPRO is always ready to help you overcome the widespread damage that flooding can often present.

From the moment that our crew arrives at your home, we begin with an initial assessment both of the damage that we need to restore and secondly the source of the present water through the affected areas. Determining the vulnerable areas and penetration points in your home's exterior can allow our experienced technicians an opportunity to seal up these areas if the compromised area does not require demolition and reconstruction to repair.

Extraction plays a critical role in allowing our team the access to dry up the damage and determine if materials and surfaces require removal and replacement to complete the restoration project. Drying typically uses air movers and dehumidification equipment to achieve. Flooding can often cause deep penetration of water damage to flooring and in between walls. Where this damage gets discovered, our SERVPRO professionals can use large drying mats and the injectidry system respectively to handle these specific issues.

Finding yourself at the mercy of floodwaters is a stressful circumstance. Fortunately with the right experienced professionals at your side, like the kind of technicians at SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills, you do not have to face this challenge alone. Give our experienced restoration specialists a call anytime that you might need us at (818) 998-1500.

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Helpful Flood Damage Technicians In Bell Canyon

3/20/2018 (Permalink)

If it pours down enough in a short period, flooding sometimes occurs.

Flood Damage Technicians

During the spring and summer seasons, sometimes excessive rains take place in Bell Canyon. If it pours down enough in a short period, flooding sometimes occurs. If your neighborhood gets flooded out by a severe rainstorm, the first place water seems to flow is inside your house.

Often during a flood, water flows directly into your basement first. SERVPRO's flood damage crew in Bell Canyon has experience in mitigating issues in your basement. Water entering your basement from the outside possibly has a high contamination level and ruins contents and building materials inside your home.

Water issues inside basements are different because the water comes from the ceiling and flows downward. Our SERVPRO technicians inspect damage inside the basement starting with the source which is located somewhere near the ceiling. Depending on how long water flows into the basement, other materials including drywall, carpet, and contents possibly get damaged as well as ceiling materials.

Any standing water gets immediately extracted using our extraction equipment. We then use specialized extensions to vacuum water out of carpet and furniture. After all water possible gets extracted, we test the air and surrounding building materials for moisture content.

Temperature and moisture readings get used to design a plan for drying your home. Air movers get used to accelerate the evaporation rate inside your dwelling. Dehumidifiers pull moisture out of the air and pump out hot, dry air that gets used by the air movers.

Sometimes, specialized drying equipment gets used to dry certain building materials or contents. Often ceilings and walls get dried out using injection drying equipment. When using injection drying, we drill holes every six to twelve inches in the ceiling and walls that have a high moisture content. Tubes coming from an air pump forces air into wall and ceiling cavities. Airflow inside walls and ceilings help dry out the drywall, studs, and floors joists above the basement ceiling.

Drying equipment usually stays in your basement until moisture levels get returned to preloss conditions. After your neighborhood gets flooded, call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for professional assistance anytime.

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Repairing Flood Damage in Bell Canyon

1/20/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO begins restoration by testing the moisture content and bringing down the humidity of the room.

SERVPRO’s Process to Restoring Hardwood Floors after Flood Damage

Flooding around Bell Canyon has been worse than usual this last year, just like for so many other cities in our area and more rain is expected. The water left afterward has been fairly clean, but some homes have had to deal with mud and other contaminants that make cleaning and restoration more difficult. Most of the damage still comes from the amount of time water soaks into the property.

Restoring hardwood floors in Bell Canyon after flood damage takes the right equipment, training, and experience. To get the best possible results, SERVPRO has created a checklist based on our twenty plus years in the restoration business.

Cupping, warping, and buckling begin in floorboards after flooding. If we can quickly remove the water and dry the floorboards, then the damage remains minor, and we can repair or eliminate it. Before we can begin any work, the moisture content of the wood must be twelve percent or less. We test this with specially designed moisture meters. If the content is higher, we have to lower it, or our efforts result in further damage to the floorboards.

Our first step is to reduce the humidity of the room to less than forty-five percent. SERVPRO technicians set dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air and then set up air movers to carefully force warm, dry air underneath and over the floorboards.

Next, we bring the humidity to under twenty percent. It is at this point that further damage stops and the chance for mold growth significantly drops. Once we test the humidity at fifteen percent, then we bring in space heaters to raise the inside temperature to increase evaporation. If the varnish on the floor slows evaporation, we use a pin roller to pierce it in areas with little foot traffic and corners.

Now, we can repair and restore the floorboards. For cupping and warping, we can sand down minor damage and then apply new varnish to even out the appearance. If the damage is major, we replace the affected piece. Buckling is more severe than cupping or warping; it twists the wood and can even push other floorboards out of place. In most cases, we have to replace the piece with a new one sanded down to match.

Restoring your wood floors after flooding is a time-consuming process, but it is much more cost-efficient than replacing it. For more information on what SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills can do for your home, call us today at (818) 998-1500.

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How SERVPRO Stays Ready for Big Storms in West Hills

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Flooded Homes in the West Hills Area Gets Help from SERVPRO

Storm Help Is Readily Available from SERVPRO

Massive and widespread storms can sometimes cripple infrastructure and decimate vast swathes of residences in communities like West Hills as flood damage tears through neighborhood streets and developments. In the event of such disasters, some emergency response and restoration companies find themselves crippled and unable to help any more than a small fraction of the calls they receive. However, with our national organization and resources, SERVPRO can respond to many calls in a short time after even the worst natural disasters.
Disaster Recovery Teams
Central to our efforts in the fight against flood damage in West Hills and other local neighborhoods are our disaster recovery teams, teams of trained and certified professionals ready to move out and respond to calls for help within hours. In the context of a major storm, their fast responses can mean a difference of many thousands of thousands of dollars in damages to your home. We arrive on the scene and immediately set to work reversing and preventing as much damage as possible, getting the home ready for further inspections and restoration efforts in the coming days. These teams are what allow SERVPRO to be available 24/7 and whenever disaster strikes.
Catastrophic Storm Response Teams
Over 1700 SERVPRO franchises exist nationwide, and while each franchise is independently owned and operated, we are still able to rely on other locations for personnel and resources when we need it most. In the event of a significant disaster, technicians from around the state and even beyond state borders come in to help out and provide damage mitigation and restoration services to all homeowners in need. Thus, when disaster strikes, we are never caught off guard and are always able to reach a large number of affected homeowners. You can count on SERVPRO to pick up the phone and respond to your call for help during a storm. The largest Green Fleet carrying massive amounts of equipment, skilled personnel, and logistical aptitude starts at the local level. That is us.
SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills is ready around the clock and around the year to respond to storms and other disasters in the area. For our mitigation and restoration services, give us a call at (818) 998-1500.

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SERVPRO - Restoring Flood Damage Effects in Canoga Park

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SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills is available 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year to restore your water damage.

Canoga Park Homes Can Be Restored From Flood Damage 

At 76 years old, Canoga Park is one of the younger cities in our area. It is diverse regarding population, economics and many other factors that make it a jewel of the San Fernando Valley. Most of the homes are new compared to other parts of California, but that does not stop in-home disasters from happening.

Despite the nearby Chatsworth Reservoir and other sources, flood damage in Canoga Park comes primarily from failed plumbing. SERVPRO knows well that connections and faucets wore out from years of use and appliances past their manufacturing life cause millions in repair and replacement costs annually.

One of the most common issues we deal with is a dishwasher and its supply hose. Even the most energy-efficient model uses 4 gallons for each load of dishes, so when one fails, it is the equivalent of pouring out four large containers across a kitchen floor over a few minutes. The water runs everywhere, and unless the homeowner is present when the incident happens, it spreads quickly to dining and living rooms. Since the detergent used to clean dishes is much stronger and more caustic than used in carpet cleaners, SERVPRO technicians remove the water as quickly as possible and then use our carpet shampoo and a steamer to remove the detergent before it can harm the carpet fibers or the laminate underneath.

When the problem is the water supply hose, the first problem we have to deal with is stopping the flow. If the homeowner does not know where their cut-off valve is, we turn off the water to the home before walking inside. With the flow turned interrupted, we pull out the dishwasher and then replaced the ruptured hose and connections.

Since this is clean water, we do not have to be concerned about caustic soap, but the sheer amount of water can flood the entire first floor of a home in just a couple of hours. If the residents are gone when the hose ruptures, they may find water flowing out from under their front door when they come home.

Using pumps and water extraction wands, SERVPRO can remove this water from most homes in less than a day. For larger homes like mini-mansions, it may take two or three days depending on the square footage and type of carpets.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Regardless whether the damage is from a dishwasher, burst pipe or a flash flood, SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills is here to help. To find out more about what we can do for you or schedule an appointment, call us today at (818) 998-1500.

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Protecting Your Valuables From Extensive Flood Damage When a Storm Hits Canoga Park

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Flooding can happen quickly after a storm. Contact SERVPRO right after flood damage for remediation services.

Formulating a Plan When You Live in a Flood Prone Area can Help Save Your Property

Apart from the dangers that they present to humans, storm floods leave behind a series of destruction in their wake, ruining buildings, washing away natural landscape features, and demolishing roads. Often, homeowners find themselves dealing with extensive damage on their property. Floods can cause a surprising amount of structural damage to a structure, especially when water finds its way into the house and stays there for a prolonged period.
When the flood waters recede, the first thing you should do is contact a trusted restoration company to assess the damage. As a locally based and operated business, SERVPRO is at your disposal for quick and efficient water damage mitigation services for your Canoga Park property. We have a team of highly trained, highly experienced technicians with access to advanced tools and equipment, ensuring that the restoration process goes swiftly and smoothly.
The most important thing to remember when faced with any type of flood damage situation is to keep your family safe. Items may be salvageable, and if you take additional measures to protect your most priced documents, family photos, and heirlooms, the loss and devastation can be much less.
One way you can protect important documents and photos from severe water damage is by digitizing them. Today, many storage devices such as USB drives can withstand some level of water damage and are often salvageable. You may also store these items on a portable hard drive, and then lock the device securely in a safety deposit box. While digital copies are not the same as originals, recreating the images to their original state is relatively easy.
If your home is highly prone to flood damage, consider investing in a flood insurance plan. Make a list of all valuable items in your home, and even take photos of the exterior and interior of your home. Keep this list along with your insurance plan in a safe place that is relatively less susceptible to flooding. Consult your insurance agent on what to include in the itemized list.
If you do find yourself with flood damage in the house, the sooner you call a restoration process, the higher the chances of salvaging some of your valuables. As a trusted company in the restoration industry, SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills is your best bet against flood damage. For any emergency, call us today at (818) 998-1500.

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Professional Flood Damage Remediation

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Flooding can be devastating. Call SERVPRO to help!

Steps to Follow When Facing Flooding

When flood damage happens to your home, along with the physical and emotional toll the flooding can take on you, many times it can be difficult to know what to do next. Instead of trying to do it alone, take a look at the list below of things that will need to be done to restore your home back to normal.

When you first experience flood damage in West Hills, you will want to get in touch with a professional flood damage repair company, such as SERVPRO. We are the right pick, because, on top of having the experience and knowledge that you need, we are available 24/7 to assist you in your time of need.

Make sure and turn off all the electricity, as water and electricity do not mix. Even if you think the area is safe, it is better to be safe until a professional can evaluate the situation. You will also want to stop the water. If it is possible at all, try and stop more water from coming into your home. You can place barriers between any gaps in your home and the external sources of water, like mats, boards, and other items which could stop the water.

Remove any equipment, furniture, and other items away from the moisture and water. If you cannot move it yourself, you can have a storage company come and relocate it until the water is extracted and your home is dry again. If the furniture has been damaged already by the water, you cannot store it, since it will be a source of mold and mildew growth. Therefore, choose just the furniture that is dry.

All the water and humidity will then need to be professionally extracted from your home, which the technicians at SERVPRO can do for you. This includes your furniture, carpets, drywall and other areas that have been impacted. Some of your possessions may not be salvageable and will need to be appropriately disposed of. We can help you to determine which items can be saved and which ones cannot. Some items we will be able to fix for you, while others could be a potential health hazard and need to be taken out of your home. Flooding can cause damage to many areas in your home which will need repairs include walls, cabinets, furniture and floors. These items can wind up needing extensive remediation, all of which we can assist you with.

Be sure to take pictures and document all the damage to your home from the flooding. This will help you when you are submitting a claim to your insurance company, plus help with repairs and restoration. Get in touch with us at SERVPRO of Canoga Park/West Hills as soon as you have flood damage to your home. You can reach us anytime by dialing (818) 998-1500.