Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage in a Canoga Park Ceiling

The overhead water line leaked in this Canoga Park house destroying a section of the ceiling. Notice the crumbling of the sheetrock. SERVPRO WRT water damage re... READ MORE

Storm Water Soaking in Canoga Park

The standing water was removed from this house in Canoga Park, and then we took this Before Photo. By swiftly reducing the water level, we prevented ongoing dam... READ MORE

Fire Damaged West Hills Home

The attic in this West Hills house was finished into a playroom for the homeowner's children. Not using code nor a qualified electrician, sparking in the electr... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Canoga Park Home

Mold damage occurred at this Canoga Park home when a water heater sprung a big leak on the opposite side of the pictured wall. The home was vacant, so the damp ... READ MORE

Water Damage – Canoga Park Garage

Water damage in this Canoga Park garage began with a simple water heater leak. Due to the resident’s prompt action to call for help, SERVPRO restored the water-... READ MORE

Flood Damage – West Hills Carpeting

Flood Damage to this West Hills carpeting was feared to have destroyed the carpeting in the home. SERVPRO always makes their best effort to restore rather than ... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Winnetka Kitchen

Mold damage in this Winnetka kitchen began with water leaks from the water feed line for the refrigerator and dishwasher. The kitchen cabinets were determined t... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Bell Canyon Home

Storm Damage to this Bell Canyon home left the roof damaged and the skylight in the vaulted ceiling gone without a trace. Our first contribution to this disaste... READ MORE

Canoga Park Commercial Mold Remediation

This section of a department store was infested with mold. Apparently, a leak in the roof allowed the mold to take hold in the ceiling panels that contained cel... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Canoga Park Garage

Fire damage to this Canoga Park garage incinerated the entire structure. The contents were deemed a total loss by the insurance adjuster. The homeowner selected... READ MORE