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West Hills Soot and Smoke Cleanup

When a house fire in West Hills burns slow and is fueled by food cooking on the range, the sooty mess and smell can be overpowering. The fire damage expanded to... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Canoga Park

If your commercial property in Canoga Park experiences a water damage emergency, you need to contact our crew right away. We're standing by 24/7 to respond to y... READ MORE

Canoga Park Water and Mold Damage

The dripping from the water heater soaked the floor and sheetrock in this utility closet in a Canoga Park home. This mobile unit needed to have the crawlspace d... READ MORE

Winnetka Lightning Strike and Fire Damage

Yes, it does happen. Lightning can strike a home and cause extensive electrical and structural damage. The Winnetka area is not immune from these bolts, but SER... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Bell Canyon

When your Bell Canyon home experiences a flood, you need to contact the experts at SERVPRO. Our crew knows a flood can happen at any time and we are standing by... READ MORE

Canoga Park Flooding Help from SERVPRO

When a supply line coupling fails by the commode in a Canoga Park home, you can expect significant water damage if the discovery is not almost immediate. SERVPR... READ MORE

Fire Damage Repair In West Hills

Immediate action is vital when dealing with fire damage to your West Hills kitchen. Our fire damage specialists are dedicated to responding quickly when you cal... READ MORE

Mold Damage In West Hills

Mold can spread quickly, and even a minor mold infestation can escalate into a significant issue. Our mold damage specialists are committed to responding fast w... READ MORE

Water Damage – Canoga Park Condominium

Water damage occurred at this Canoga Park condominium when a water line leading to the washing machine burst sending water flowing across the flooring. Adding t... READ MORE

Stormwater Soaking of an Engineered Floor in Winnetka

This one wing of a home in Winnetka suffered a soaking from a storm and immediate action was required. Our SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills technicians are r... READ MORE