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Smoke and Odors Create Poor Air Quality in the Canoga Park Area Post Wildfires--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup

10/26/2019 (Permalink)

smoke and fire in timbers by two power towers When Wild Fires Strike Closeby to Your Canoga Park Property--SERVPRO Is Also Closeby, and Ready to Help

Canoga Park Homes Affected by Wildfires Need Stout Odor Control

Most Southern Californians agree that one of the worst parts about wildfire damage is the residual odors left behind. The pungent smoke odors have the potential to embed deeply and often prove difficult to remove. The Tick Wildfire does not have to directly impact your property. The air polluted by these types of wildfires can cause extensive damage.

The root of the need for odor control from wildfires in Canoga Park residences ranges from light to heavy depending on the amount of fire loss within the property or the zone within the heat and smoke and how rapidly cleanup efforts commenced.

The odor from wildfires generally requires stronger applications than methods that simply cover the smell. Smoke odors emanate from soot particles and residues that need cleaning. SERVPRO technicians use both professional cleaning methods, solvents, and cleaners as well as equipment to remove all types of smoke residues and lessen odors.

Dry and Wet Smoke
A single area of a home may contain both types of smoke residue, and each type requires the correct cleaning processes, or the result may be more damage. Dry cleaning sponges are very efficient for picking up dry smoke, while greasy smeary wet smoke residues often require a solvent to loosen their grip to surfaces for total cleaning.

Removal of Fire Loss Debris
The charred building materials and contents in the home require elimination and in some cases, are cut away through controlled demolition techniques. This action diminishes pungent scents, and the set up of ventilation and air scrubbers also assists in odor removal. There is the added problem of air quality--both within the structure and the surrounding area.

Odor Control Methods for Stubborn Odors
There are a few ways to remove deeply embedded odors in the structure. A standard method SERVPRO technicians use is thermal fogging. This application heats a solvent to the point it is fog, and it behaves like smoke and deeply penetrates anywhere soot may be and neutralizes it.

Hydroxyl generators are a safe way to remove odor-causing airborne particles from the premises. This piece of equipment emits UV rays that create radical ionized molecules that are not harmful to humans or pets and eradicates odors by pairing with them.

When you have stubborn odors from wildfires, contact SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500. The technicians have a diverse array of equipment, tools, and applications to make the odor issue in the home disappear, "Like it never even happened."

We Get You Back To Business In Canoga Park

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

A Dehumidifier and air mover working  to remove the last vestiges of water vapor in floor Our SERVPRO dehumidifier and air movers remove water vapor from the flooring. Call us right away so we can get started to prevent further damage.

Hazardous Situations Solved by Commercial Water Removal, Allowing Restart of Plant Operations in Canoga Park

Whenever a pipe breaks, vats overflow, or the roof leaks during a storm, your Canoga Park plant's safety levels can plummet. Not only are accidents of the slip and fall variety more likely, but chemical contamination and electrical hazards also increase. Federal regulations require different protocols for different situations, including the evacuation of your facilities. Getting the water out of the equation decreases the problem's severity and allows you to concentrate on any additional issues.

After an accident, plant managers in Canoga Park need rapid water removal, and SERVPRO carries all the necessary equipment to get things done swiftly. Our equipment allows us to extract vast volumes of water at a steady rate. A large water supply pipe, with its high pressure, can flood a factory very quickly. Shutting off the main valve into the plant might cause a hardship in the lavatories and kitchen facilities, but until the line's repairs seal off the break, such shut-offs remain necessary.

When water damage comes from a break in a level not on the ground, getting it extracted before it can drain through the building's structure can protect many interior components. Moisture can spread very quickly from one area to another place. We need to protect the machines in your factory like we protect the structure. The moving parts inside machinery can corrode if humidity levels remain elevated significantly above normal. Malfunctioning equipment can injure workers in the vicinity and fail to function.

Just like our pump trucks have different attachments to remove water in its liquid form, they also have attachment points for us to hook up other extraction equipment. Our crew members use portable units that function like the well-known wet-vac but with a much larger tank. Getting the floors dry makes them safer by providing visibility and traction.

Our pump trucks also help us with removing water vapor in the building's air and many other components. Metal fabricated warehouses with or without interior structural materials can rust after prolonged exposure to moisture. When walls retain water from a top-down water line break, we can aerate the interior environment and get it dry from the inside to the outer surface, increasing the effectiveness of any air movers and desiccant machines present.

When necessary, our building services department crew helps with other aspects of our customers' property. HVAC and electrical systems, in addition to plumbing, are handled by our highly experienced professionals.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills' employees realize that strict Federal and California regulations regarding worker safety and facility management exist and that failure to adhere to such standards can create gaps leading to injury or worse. Plant closure means lost revenue and missed shipments. Call us at (818) 998-1500, 24/7 for emergency response.

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Water Damage Restoration in Canoga Park: Why Credentials Matter

10/3/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment inside SERVPRO storage facility Our technicians are trained and certified to use each piece of equipment to restore your home.

Certifications for Our Water Recovery Specialists in Canoga Park 

Water loss incidents can tap into the adventurous, or perhaps frugal, nature of many Canoga Park residents. To save money or time, individual property owners look to address the effects of these losses on their own. Still, many find themselves overwhelmed with the needs of the property and the limitations of their equipment and expertise. Our professionals have accreditations through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in many facets related to restoring water loss emergencies. 

We work hard for the certifications that our team has acquired, and that gives us the knowledge to address all of your needs from deodorization to water removal in Canoga Park. Because of our certification, we have a credible voice in the restoration communities and can provide our customers with a fast and confident response that begins mitigation work as soon as our professionals arrive. Water removal is an essential element to overcome substantial water loss incidents. 

We have multiple pieces of equipment that can help with quickly extracting standing water from floors to get the drying process started. In homes, harder flooring can get found in many places like the kitchen, bathroom, and other communal areas. Removing the standing water in these areas, without contending with saturation concerns that can develop over prolonged periods, involves the deployment of numerous tools and pieces of equipment ranging from our truck-mount extractor to our light wands attached to portable wet-vacs. 

Our preparedness for substantial water loss ensures that we always have trained professionals ready to respond to the needs of your home. In the water restoration niche alone, our SERVPRO team has accreditations that include: 

  • WRT – Water Restoration Technician
  • ASD – Applied Structural Drying
  • AMRT – Applied Microbial Remediation Technician
  • OCT – Odor Control Technician
  • CCT – Carpet Cleaning Technician 

We continue our education in these fields to produce technicians that are among the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. Our SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills team can help you through even significant loss situations with our broad inventory of recovery tools and rapid response in a crisis. Give us a call today at (818) 998-1500. 

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West Hills Home Under a Smoke Attact after a Fire? Rely on SERVPRO for Restoration, "Like it never even happened."

9/26/2019 (Permalink)

Flame still burning on an unattended stove top range SERVPRO Says Be Careful with Kitchen Cooking to Prevent Fire and Smoke Damage to Your West Hills Home. Turn off that burner!

Fire and Smoke Damage West Hills – It Can Happen So Easily

Here is a nightmare scenario. Supper is over, and it is time to clean up the dishes. A gas burner remained on a low setting. The kitchen is hot from cooking, and no one notices the hot burner. Everyone is in a hurry. The parents go out for a drink. One daughter is babysitting. The other daughter is home studying in her bedroom when the fire alarm goes off. A plastic cutting board remained on the hot burner.

SERVPRO responds to fire damage events in West Hills and surrounding areas for both small fires as well as those that cause catastrophic damage. We can help restore your home after the fire is out, and the fire department has left. The couple who left the burner on is fortunate. A quick-thinking neighbor threw the cutting board into the sink before there was much damage.

Fire Department Responds
When the fire department arrived with four trucks, the fire was out, and the house was full of smoke. After assessing the situation, the firemen suggested placing a large box fan in the kitchen window to exhaust some of the noxious fumes. This couple was fortunate that there was so little damage. However, what about the smoke damage from the burned plastic cutting board?

Potentially Toxic Gases
It is difficult to know what gases are emitted while the cutting board was smoldering. Some of the gases can be quite toxic. These include carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and hydrogen chloride.

Ventilation and Odor Removal
SERVPRO recommends for this situation that the home should be well ventilated and that all surfaces cleaned of any residue.
In more challenging situations, technicians may need to wear air-filtered masks for severely damaged conditions. Consider a professional cleaning to eliminate the soot and pungent odors from your home. These smells can remain for months until corrected mitigated. Air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators and even thermal fogging may be required.

Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Winnetka, Bell Canyon, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

We Follow The Proper Steps To Ensure West Hills Flood Damage Is Restored Efficiently

9/18/2019 (Permalink)

a desiccant dehumidifier on a truck outside a home SERVPRO can provide the equipment needed such as the desiccant dehumidifier shown to restore your home after flood damage.

Flood Damage West Hills – Water Pipe Fitting Gives Way

Flood damage often comes from storms; however, broken water pipes can also flood homes or business offices as well. As pipe joints age and foundations shift, leaks can develop inside walls and go undetected until water is flooding an entire floor. Carpeting, underpad, walls, and even the subfloor can absorb moisture requiring removal and restoration.

SERVPRO can respond to flood damage in West Hills and surrounding areas immediately. Our first step is to mitigate the leak. The main water supply is shut off, and we confirm that it is safe from electrical hazards to enter the premises. Our crew chief can assess the damage and arrange for water removal equipment to be delivered. Furniture and contents are removed, dried and placed in a staging area while work on your home or office is completed.

Replacement of Carpet and Under pad

In some situations, the carpet and underpad must be replaced. The carpet is replaced if it separates from the backing. The underpad is usually replaced as well to ensure that the subfloor is entirely dry before new carpeting and under padding is installed.

Otherwise, SERVPRO can use a weighted water extractor to remove as much moisture as possible. One of our technicians rides on the extractor to enhance the efficiency of the extractor. Air movers and dehumidifiers are brought in to dry the carpet and the underpad completely. The air movers blow dry air in the direction of the dehumidifier over the damp carpet.

Flood Cuts

The wall may be removed up to a foot or two above the floor to remove damp or wet drywall after flood damage. Wet insulation and wall structures are exposed where water was pouring out of the broken pipe. SERVPRO checks and fully dries all areas that may have been exposed to avoid future problems with mold and odors.

Once the walls are dry, restoration contractors can begin. They can install new insulation, drywall, underpad and carpeting to bring your home back to its original condition, "Like it never even happened."

Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for 24/7 service. We serve the towns of Winnetka, Bell Canyon, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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SERVPRO Says Staging of Equipment and Products Saves Time, Money, and Prevents a Mess during Canoga Park Water Removal

9/12/2019 (Permalink)

Magnifying glass held over a small wooden house with an easel  holding a Restoration sign SERVPRO Goes from Inspection of a Water Damaged Property in Canoga Park to Planning and Implementation for Restoration

Water Damage Canoga Park – Professional Approach to Staging

Every water damage event in the LA area is different and requires a variety of actions to be taken to mitigate the harm, restore the customer's premises, and ultimately satisfy the client. Careful planning, staging, and thoughtfulness is always part of our plan.

Canoga Park and damaging water events are forever paired. Our crew chief can quickly assess the damage and gather the right equipment and technicians to meet the challenge presented promptly. Often a crew chief may request interior space to stage equipment, cleaning supplies and tools that may be needed.

Staging Areas and Access to Water Sources
A staging area can provide an efficient area to work from and limit the number of trips to the outside. These efficiency gains can assist in dealing with a water damage situation quickly and reduce the severity of the damage. In many situations, access to a water source may be required, such as the laundry room or a guest bathroom on the main floor. The crew chief can discuss the requirements of the team with the client and ensure that SERVPRO's needs while on-site are acceptable to the client.

Protecting the Clients Home and Working Efficiently
The staging area and all access routes in the home to the work area are covered by either paper or plastic drop cloths to protect the floors. SERVPRO may need to mix products to clean furniture and floors after water damage events. All items are placed on these protective floor coverings.

Staging Protects Unaffected Rooms within the Home
Our objective is to restore a client's home as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand the stress these water damage situations cause, including secondary damage from high humidity. Clients can always discuss their concerns with the crew chief or with one of the technicians working on site. If an item of furniture or accessory demands particular attention, let us know. We aim to do our best to accommodate the needs of the customer while restoring their home.

Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for 24/7 serve. We serve Winnetka, Bell Canyon, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Pop Quiz: Do You Know How To Restore Your Home After Fire Damage?

9/9/2019 (Permalink)

kitchen fire on counters Any type of fire in the kitchen can quickly cause extensive fire damage. Contact SERVPRO right after the firefighters leave.

West Hills Home Needs Help After Tabletop Grill Fire

The kitchen is one of the most common areas homeowners experience fire damage in their residences. The oven, stovetop and indoor grills are frequently the instigators in pungent kitchen fires.

Fire damage in a West Hills home from a protein fire is one of the most challenging types of loss we deal with. One of the main reasons is that this type of fire does not look overly damaging on the surface. It burns without creating much in the way of traditional dark smoke damage but instead turns the protein of the foodstuff that is the catalyst of the blaze into a light, greasy mist that coats all surfaces in the vicinity. When prompt removal of this film does not occur, the odor remains and grows.

SERVPRO answered a call to come to a local home where an indoor electric grill overheated and caused a fire. The homeowner cleaned up the mess from the small fire and water from fire extinguishing, but a pungent odor remained, and he wanted the room professionally mitigated.

Our technicians scoped the room to ensure no excessive areas of moisture remained and got to work identifying areas that still contained residue from the fire. We also advised the homeowner since the HVAC was on since the fire, the ductwork likely needed cleaning as well.

After cleaning all surfaces to ensure we removed the smelly residues left behind, our certified odor control technicians worked on removing the lingering odors from the residence.  Standard applications SERVPRO uses are: 

  • Hydroxyl generators
  • Air scrubbers
  • Thermal fogging units
  • Time-release gel pellets
  • Complete ductwork and HVAC cleaning

When you have fire damage in your kitchen or any area of your home, call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500. Our certified emergency response team is available 24/7, and we arrive within an hour of your call because We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Our Experts Can Save Your Water Damaged Property In Canoga Park

9/5/2019 (Permalink)

office with desks in rows with water covering the floor Contact SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500, today.

Speeding Up The Drying Process As Part Of Our Water Cleanup Service For Canoga Park

The presence of unwanted water in your home can be more than just an inconvenience. Water incidents can occur because of blocked or malfunctioning drains, split or burst pipes, backed up sewer points as well as human errors like leaving a faucet open overnight. In some cases, water may be contained in a pre-sealed area, like a washroom, and can be mopped up yourself. However, in many situations, sealant can be worn away or non-existent, which can result in a flow of water from the initial point of access to floors, furnishings, carpets, and stairs.

Sometimes water situations get out of hand, but you can arrange water cleanup services in Canoga Park by calling us on our emergency call line. SERVPRO operates a large inventory of water extraction device and uses local technicians with a broad knowledge-base in cleaning, drying, and securing your property against future damages. Our technicians come from the local area, which means they have an intimate understanding of the types of architecture, plumbing, and fittings that are common in this region.

Combine that knowledge with industry-leading training and equipment, and you can be sure that SERVPRO is capable of restoring your property to a preloss condition after a water spill. Our trucks come fully-stocked with water extraction and specialty drying units including:

• Centrifugal Air Movers
• Portable / Truck-mounted Extractors
• Box Fans
• Air Filtration Units
• Injectidry Systems
• Drying Mats

Leaks that occur on the upper levels of your home can complicate the drying situation. Water naturally migrates downwards, so a leak in your second-floor bathroom, could result in water dripping from your light fittings in the floor directly underneath. SERVPRO technicians are adept at removing obstacles such as wallpaper, bathroom tiles, carpeting, or linoleum to gain access to the affected area. Resilient materials can often be restored to a good, preloss condition. However, older materials like the wallpaper may be discarded and replaced.

Once your technician has access to the affected area, they can work quickly to establish air circulation by placing centrifugal air movers. Higher temperatures can speed up the drying procedure by allowing the surrounding air to hold more moisture. SERVPRO can use portable heaters, or heating elements found in our equipment, to encourage evaporation. We use our training to ensure the procedure is completed as quickly as possible with as little inconvenience to the homeowner. At the end of service, our team can handle your insurance paperwork for a stress-free claim.

Water incidents do not need to cause significant stress and pressure. Contact SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500, today.

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A Storm Can Damage Your Canoga Park Home

8/3/2019 (Permalink)

We're here every day of the week, including weekends and holidays and ready to provide you with professional, skilled specialists.

Wind, Rain, And A Blown-Over Tree Can Leave Your Home Soaked In Canoga Park

Storms do not need to last very long to cause substantial, costly damage to a house in Canoga Park. They only need to carry enough force to uproot a tree with weakened roots to generate severe harm to your property. SERVPRO understands that top-down damage can leave your home saturated in hidden areas while leaving puddles all over your floor. Some of the collected water can hold contamination from stained wood, insulation, and other substances located between the roof and the floor.

A roof torn by a toppled tree can leave your Canoga Park home with storm damage, including rainwater, debris from the tree, and other items blown in on the wind. We can help get the situation resolved quickly for you and your family.

A tree landing on your house can also cause damage to plumbing, electrical wiring, and your HVAC system. Our building services team works with us in these areas, helping restore houses and businesses for our community. To help our mitigation specialists work more efficiently, we can also secure the roof, initially with tarps, followed by repairs. SERVPRO can also help remove the offending tree and make the area safe again.

Because rainwater spreading through your residence increases the amount of water vapor in the air, we must reduce the relative humidity by increasing the temperature. This prevents moisture from condensing on surfaces, keeping it in the air. Using air movers, we push this damp air out of your house. Dehumidifiers also help protect your belongings, so we place a few of these in areas with higher amounts of dampness.

When we examine the interior of your walls and ceilings, we often find trapped water in these places. Overhead, we can usually use the hole from a light fixture to inset flexible tubing to extract this water. Shortly after, we can use the same set-up to force warm air into the space.

We use a very similar method for walls, except we often must drill small holes along the bottom, near the floor. We choose locations with a baseboard we can remove, if at all possible, so covering the holes is as simple as replacing the baseboard. If a property owner with such a situation calls us immediately, we can often keep walls and other materials from showing more severe effects of storm damage. Saving materials with a rapid response to a disaster significantly reduces the costs associated with restoration.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills is always ready to take calls from those in Winnetka and Bell Canyon. When storms bring flooding and other types of damage to your doorstep, call us at our 24-hour services line, (818) 998-1500. We're here every day of the week, including weekends and holidays and ready to provide you with professional, skilled specialists.

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Our Water Damage Professionals Can Save Your Canoga Park Home!

7/25/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for 24/7 service.

Water Damage Canoga Park – Recovering Sentimental Items

Anytime water gets into your home from a leaking pipe, an open window or damage from a storm, it is a stressful event for the family. Most people understand that damaged floors, furniture, and electronics can be restored or replaced. Often homeowners are more worried about legal documents needed for various reasons and photographs of the family which cannot be replaced.

Let SERVPRO know if you have water damage in Canoga Park that there are documents and photographs. Reducing the time these items spend in wet conditions can reduce the amount of damage and increase the chance of recovery. Once a photo or document is damaged, a document cannot be restored to its original condition. There is always some form of damage even after the documents have been through the drying process. However, most can be dried and retained for the customer to enjoy.

Homeowners should immediately consider taking the following steps to minimize the damage:

•    Always make sure that it is safe from electricity to enter the area.

•    If it is leaking pipe, turn off the water source.

•    Remove photos and documents to a dry area and separate each item to dry separately.

•    Use blotting paper or towels to soak up as much water as possible.

We can respond quickly to any disaster and focus on the areas of concern of the homeowner. Let the SERVPRO team know which documents are most relevant and the preservation steps you may have taken. We can continue the process and focus on minimizing the damage to your documents. Depending on the situation, our techs apply several solutions, including:

•    Drying by air

•    Dehumidification

•    Drying in a freezer

•    Freeze drying in a vacuum

•    Thermal drying in a vacuum

Reducing the time your documents and photos spend in the water and remain in wet conditions can minimize the amount of long term damage. There may be limited funds available for controlling the damage and recovering documents and photos. SERVPRO can help the homeowner select the correct drying approach for each document based on value to the homeowner and the budget for restoration available.

Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for 24/7 service. We serve Winnetka, Bell Canyon, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

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